Friday, August 8, 2008


Last Saturday I tried another great recipe, Philly Cheesesteaks, from Sara & Kate's cooking blog, Our Best Bites . They were awesome! Steve likes spicy so I stepped it up a notch into the spicy category by using cheddar jalapeno rolls from Walmart! Highly recommended! I bought enough meat and rolls for 4 sandwiches, two for now and two for later. The kids love corn dogs so that's what they got! Everyone was happy.

I also tried the Lime-Cilantro with Pineapple Rice recipe they have and it too was so good! The kids were all drooling from the smell as I was preparing the rice. They have not had much fresh cilantro and so they were a little picky about that, but loved the pineapple. We will make this again, the cilantro will grow on them with more exposure! (sounds like a disease)

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Angie said...

Their website is awesome! Unfortunately I haven't cooked anything from it yet, but it is very inspiring and I plan to use many of their recipes! I hear their honey chicken is divine!