Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Funny feet....

I walked by the boys' room after they had gone to sleep and this is what I saw. Logan is on the top bunk of the triple-decker bunk bed. It looks like from the photo that his feet are almost on the ceiling, but they are not. The ceiling is probably another foot above his feet. I thought it was a funny way to sleep.
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Happy 13th Birthday Logan....

Happy 13th Birthday Logan!
Logan had a pre-birthday party at our friends the Moxleys. It was almost too cool to swim but the kids did it anyway. It was so windy that we couldn't light the candles, so we pretended to light them and Logan pretended to blow them out! Logan and his buddies had some great time with swords on the trampoline, swimming, and a movie too!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Off to Scout Camp.....and they're back!

Logan and Carson headed out to their first week-long Scout Camp.
It was an early morning rise for a summer break.
They had a great time.

Logan came home without his voice....his Scoutmaster didn't think we'd mind :)
Carson was in need of some serious chapstick therapy.

They both completed at least 12 merit badges during their week at Scout Camp! Hooray, that is 12 less I have to nag them about!

A girl and her "hipod"....

Emily was sitting in the chair watching Clifford on my "hiPod" and fell asleep clutching the "hiPod" like she would a stuffed animal. It was just too cute.

On your mark, get set......

On your mark, get set......

Katie and Emily had fun racing from that car in the background to the table where we were sitting. It was Emily's idea and Katie played along! Emily crossed the finish line, breathing heavily with much exaggeration.

Cute kids....

After splashing in the water at the City Hall plaza I saw this great brick building and wanted to get a few shots of the kids with the brick in the background. Carson was a willing participant and posed nicely for me.

This was the only quick shot I could get with Emily in the shot.
Cute kids!

City Hall .....

The kids had fun splashing in the water at the new City Hall plaza in Meridian.

Cake anyone?

I am practicing my cake decorating and trying to find the best white cake recipe to make my sister's wedding cake. This was my first attempt at some design that she likes. This was our Sunday dinner dessert.
I have never done filling layers in cake other than just frosting between two layers. We got the raspberry and lemon fillings already made from Cash-N-Carry in Boise. I am going to try two new recipes for cake and a different design on the frosting using some Wilton cake decorating presses.
Designer Pattern Press Set
I love decorating the cakes!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A blast from the past...

Steve found some slides this morning and used my camera to digitize them so we could see what they were. These were shot about 10 years ago now, while we lived in Washington. I can't believe how small they all were. I was sure at that time in my life that they would NEVER grow passed toddlerhood. Four car seats, three in diapers and potty training and lots of tears and tantrums too! Jonny was in Kindergarten, Carson and Kristina went to developmental preschool, and Logan went to private preschool. We did survive those years and so I know I will survive these teenage years too! I just can't pick them up and put them into time out anymore!
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