Friday, August 8, 2008

Breaking Dawn...

I went out on Saturday morning to find the last installment in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. I went to Walmart figuring they should have plenty, wrong! They were sold out within minutes after the midnight release the night before. So I called down to Hastings and they had 18 copies out of 200 from the midnight release party they had. I was so worried I was going to have to chase around town trying to find one. I was so glad to get my copy and to start reading. I was just going to read one chapter Saturday morning and 150 pages later I came up for air. Just couldn't stop. I would have read non-stop but I am a mother with 6 kids that need me no matter how good the book is. I finally finished on Wednesday morning. I would try to hide away but they keep finding me (in the bathroom)!

I loved the book! I read the first three books the first few weeks after Emily was born. The story just sticks with me after I read. I have to remind myself that these people are not real, just fictional characters. I love reading because it all becomes so real to me, like I could drive somewhere and see these people.

I hope the movie won't be disappointing. They have chosen exactly who I have seen in my head. Not necessarily the specific actors, just what they looked like in my head anyway. I can't wait until December.

I rarely read books a second time. The stories really stick with me and so it bores me to read them a second time. However, this series I just might!

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