Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twin Falls Temple

Yesterday we packed up the kids and headed to Twin Falls to attend the open house for the new Temple. We had all been sick over the weekend and I wasn't sure that we were going to go until the last minute. It was quite the struggle to get everyone in church clothes, gather kids from their friends and be sure I was presentable too. My sister got lunches ready, we loaded up two cars and away we went. It was a beautiful day for the drive and the visit.
When you get there you wait in the chapel until it is your time for the tour and they do a short video presentation in another room on the history of Temples and the history of the Twin Falls area. Then you proceed to the Temple. This Temple is just beautiful! There is so much natural light that feeds into the Celestial room through the stained glass windows,it is breathtaking! They used the Syringa, the state flower, as a motif in the glass and other designs around the Temple. The fountain on the west side is a double fountain representing Twin Falls. The artwork in the ordinance rooms reflects the local geography as well. I am glad we took the kids to see this new Temple. It is just beautiful. They have all been inside either the Boise and/or the Seattle Temples when they were sealed to us. But they were all so young they don't really remember anything but what they have seen in their scrapbooks. I am hoping that the good feelings they felt yesterday will stick with them and help them want to return.


Angie said...

Great post! I'm planning to take my kids!

LDS Mom said...

We are headed there this Saturday! I can hardly wait. I'm glad your family got to go.

Merrells said...

You know, I remember going through the Bountiful temple open house when I was 8 and I never forgot the feelings I had there. What a great experience for your kids.