Thursday, February 18, 2010

What have been I reading anyway?

At Christmas time Steve and I were shopping at Sam's Club and I had to walk through the book section as I do every visit! As I put books into the cart I informed Steve he was giving these books to me for Christmas, no wrapping needed! Thoughtful of me, don't ya think?
The Gift [Book]
This is such a good book. Richard Paul Evans writes stories that move me to tears and leaves me wondering about his characters long after I close the book. I have always been to glad open his books and sad when they end!

Sarah's Key [Book]
This is a moving story. It is a hard book to put down, I couldn't wait to find out what happens in the next chapter. This story is set during the Holocaust and the 1942 round up of Jews in Paris. The characters in the story itself are fictional, however the atrocities that took place in France during this time are NOT a work of fiction. This is a must read!

The Lovely Bones [Book]
This is a disturbing book, recently come to the movie screen. I won't be going to see the movie. While it is a sad story line and I did finish the book, with difficulty, I don't recommend it. I suppose some good comes at the end, but I am not sure it was worth my time really.

Dear John [Book]
I usually enjoy stories by Nicholas Sparks. This story has a wonderful message, hearts are changed for the good. It did tug at my heart strings and brings into the story the effects of our current wars on the soldiers who serve for us.
The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen [Book]
Being a fan of Jane Austen I just had to add this to my collection. It is on the top of the pile to read next.
Sarah: Women of Genesis [Book]
Steve just finished this book and LOVED it. Orson Scott Card is a master storyteller. He is thorough in his research and makes the story come alive. This is in the "To Be Read" pile. It might beat out the Jane Austen Memoirs as being on the top of the pile!

There are more in the pile to be read..some of the children's series that they are into ..
The 39 Clues Book 3: The Sword Thief - Library Edition [Book]
I have read the first book and have the next two or three in the pile. This is an engaging story. It is fun to read the same books as the children and to have these story lines to discuss.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #1:The Lightning Thief
We have the first three or four of this series too. I can't wait to read this one! I think Katie has read the first book and so I want to beat her through the second book! I am glad she is distracted with the Twilight series, hopefully giving me time to read books one and two!

I LOVE to read!

She says the funniest things....

After hearing her Dad say it, Emily runs down the hall saying "Dog gone it!" with the same inflection as she heard. She had run into the piano room to tell Daddy that a sibling broke her stuff when he responded with "Dog gone it." Somehow, tattling from a two year old is still cute!

Steve was reading a quote from the beginning of a book and commented to me that if he tried to be that profound he would sound like a fool. To which Emily responds "like a fool with your pants on the ground?" That phrase has become an oft quoted phrase in our house. If you are an American Idol watcher you will get that phrase... If you didn't watch American Idol auditions here is where she got that phrase...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The more the merrier...

Jonathan is now at home doing school through Idaho Virtual Academy. Like Logan, he is enjoying going to class in his jammies and deciding what subject he starts his day with. So far so good for Jon! He loves the instant feedback he gets from his assessments and the good progress he has made this first week and a half. He has better grades so far than he had all year in a traditional classroom. Way to go Jon!
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

23 years ago I married my sweetheart! It was his idea to get married on Valentines Day, it was a Saturday in 1987. Of course our colors were red and white, what else? I am so grateful to have a man who loves me and asks me almost everyday if I will marry him. He is a great father and husband. He loves all of us and we love him!

Merry Christmas Mom...

For Valentines Day I gave each of the children a bag of treats. As I gave Emily her bag she says "For me? ...Merry Christmas Mom!" as she hugs me. She came back to me a few minutes later, still holding her bag, gives me another hug and again says "Merry Christmas Mom!"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Klondike 2010 & Glasses...

Carson and Logan packed up yesterday and went to the annual Klondike campout. I tried to provide all the items necessary to keep them warm during this very cold and wet campout. As you can see they were both ready to go and I had to take a picture for my blog.

As I set-up the shot of Logan I thought I had focused. Carson's photo came out focused well enough. I am seeing a trend now that I don't like, I can't see all that great! More and more of my shots are blurry when I KNOW that I focused before I took the shot. It is only after I load the photos onto my computer do I see that I CAN'T see!


Katie made cupcakes this afternoon and when she was done I helped her remove the bowl and wisk from the mixer. Emily shows up and sees that wisk and asks "Can I hold it?" Now I know the real meaning of hold!


Katie is preparing a biography report for the living portait museum the students present in March. Papa Jack had sent some items to help with her costume as she is portraying a Naval officer, Grace Hopper. I told Grandpa that we would send photos of her wearing her new stuff. When the camera comes out at our house the goofy kids emerge! Katie is one of the goofiest when the camera is turned her way! You will notice, behind Katie is many shots, other children vying their shot at being captured being goofy too!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny girl...

Recently we were babysitting my sister's dog, Rudy, while she was out of town. Emily LOVES to give treats to Rudy! Emily had given Rudy a treat and then proceeded to tell him to eat it, telling him it was "real good". I heard her talking to the dog and looked over to see her on the floor, face to face, watching the dog eat his treat and talking to him the entire time!

The first shall be last....

Carson's birthday is Jan. 5th. It is right at the beginning of the year. He is the first birthday of the year in our family. However, all the other children's birthdays are in September, October, and November. Five birthdays in a row, just weeks apart from each other. By the time September comes,the start of birthday season at our house, Carson feels like it has been forever since his birthday. We have to remind him that his birthday really came first and everyone else had to wait forever for their birthdays to come.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Learning to lead....

Emily loves to be part of everything, including Family night assignments. She got up next to Logan and he showed her how to lead a song, as best as you can "show" a two year old. Then the next week during Family night, she independently stood beside the piano when I sat down to play the opening song and she started directing. No one had to tell her what to do, she just knew that is where she belonged and did it!