Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - August 11th

I didn't get a menu plan posted last week but I did have one in my planner. As I come across recipes or menu ideas I fill in my monthly calendar and so I have menus done a few weeks ahead of time. And as weeks get crazy some nights change when we eat over at my sister's house or somewhere else.

Monday - Mom's cooking at my sister's house
Tuesday - Rolled Lasagne
Wednesday - Crockpot Thai Chicken (I keep rolling this over, I have yet to make it)
Thursday - Spagetti Bread - Video Recipe Box (I just use my own bread recipe)
Friday - Panang Curry - Chef Steve
Saturday - 5 min Southwest Layered Salad
Sunday - Hawaiian Haystacks


suzof7 said...

Your menu looks terrific. I'll admit, I'm scared of peanut butter in my food (you know, other than the usual). I'm not a huge pb fan. I'd be curious how you like the thai dish!

Angie said...

Panang Curry? That is Shawn & I's favorite! We used to go to Ginger Thai out in Eagle all the time to get Chicken Panang Curry, now they are out of business. Let me know of the recipe if you will!