Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

I am so grateful for the wonderful Husband and Father we have been blessed with in our home! My children are so lucky to have a Daddy that loves them so much and is part of their daily lives! Words cannot express the feelings of my heart for him! Love you Steve!

Sisters that read together....

The kids are reading for the library reading program. Emily LOVES books too! She will ask "tories?" I will often find her "reading" her books while the toys just lay around her. The kids will read to Emily helping her earn reading prizes and to earn theirs as well. I love to see kids with books! It makes me happy and then I can grab my book too!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wallowa Lake - Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend camping with friends and family at Wallowa Lake, Oregon. We loaded up three cars for our family which included our family, my sister, and my mother. Tami had some of her friends show up to complete our group of about 19. We had three campsites, 6 cars, and a whole lot smores supplies.

It's blank....

On Friday evening our TV went blank.......

We tried to order the digital conversion boxes with the coupons that were issued only to have our order cancelled.

We really don't watch much TV at all. We watch American Idol each year and then we like to watch America's Funniest Videos on Sunday evening. The rest of the time we watch videos. So I am not sure we will convert to digital. Since there is so little worth watching I am okay with not converting.

There seems to be plenty of what TV has to offer at their websites. And have you checked out You can watch full episodes of all kinds of stuff including current TV shows. I even found full episodes the old shows like Bewitched, Partridge Family, Fantasy Island, and Welcome Back Kotter! I loved these shows!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer has begun...

This is our first week of Summer break and no alarm clocks that we plug in, just a toddler that won't sleep in! We still haven't put the pool up, but we have gotten wet!
After our free lunch in the park we were off to another park to get wet and play. We ate ice cream with Grandma and watched a movie. And to top off the day, a stop at the library to begin the summer reading for prizes! This will be our summer, repeated many times over; lunch in the park, get wet, read, eat ice cream, read, get wet, lunch in the park...maybe a little free bowling and some camping too!