Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tell her she completes you...

As we were leaving town, heading for Washington, Steve was being a mushy and sweet and telling me how glad he was that he married me and how much fun we have, the adventures we have etc... When Logan leans up from his seat and whispers loudly to his Dad, "tell her she completes you, it works!"

At first Steve was a little frustrated at his "butting into" our conversation. Then we asked where he got that phrase from. His reply was "from the Chipmunks movie!" We gotta good laugh out of that!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have fun guys....

Kristina left yesterday for Girls Camp. She was so excited I am not sure she slept much the night before. I hope she has a blast, I always did!

Today, Jonny is off to High Adventure. Completely outfitted with a paintball mask and camping gear and a mountain bike he is set to go! He too was up at the crack of dawn ready to take off. Summer is so much fun!

I am down to three kids at home quiet!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Silver City

A couple of weeks ago we loaded up the van and headed for them thar hills in search of the ghost town called Silver City. Steve has always wanted to go out to this very secluded ghost town. This place is way up a dirt road that's not always wide enough for two cars to pass at the same time. This was quite an exciting drive. Some very beautiful scenery along the way and some scary spots when you are driving where you can't see where the road is going when you get to the top of the hill. I am glad Steve was driving!!! This place is up about 6000 ft.

There is a little shop and a hotel with a restaurant even and a campground too. There is some restoration going in this little town that you can't get to until the the snow clears out and the roads clear. The only public restroom in town is an outhouse. There are outhouses around town with the sign that says "Show by appointment only" or in other words "you can't use this outhouse it's private!"

We had fun walking all over town and taking pictures. Steve had his camera, I had mine, and Jonny was using one of Steve's old cameras too. We had a few hundred shots to go through so the slideshow is long...takes longer to watch the slideshow than it does to walk through this little piece of history called Silver City. There was a dog at the hotel that greeted us when we arrived. A little bit later we were up at the cemetary taking pictures for a project and the same dog that greeted us earlier came to see what we were up to. He is the town mascot I suppose.

The town church sits on the hillside. The kids started up that hillside to go see the church and grabbed onto the "iron rod" to help themselves up the hillside path. "Hey Mom! The iron rod!"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Wheels....

We bought a Suburban yesterday. It is HUGE! I feel like I am driving a boat or a tank. We got a great deal and it has very low miles and has been very well maintained. We paid cash for it and now we are set for a couple of summer trips to visit family. It is hard to find a vehicle that fits our size of family and all the cargo space we require! We feel blessed to have found this great vehicle!

Our van had over 260,000 miles on it and was dying a slow death. We have nursed it along for awhile but the final straw was when the power steering and power brakes went out. Add that to no air conditioning, a radiator leak so it overheats so I have to keep filling the radiator with water and then I have to run the heat to keep it from overheating when I haven't filled it with water in the last two time to get a new vehicle don't ya think? (I know that was a very long, run-on sentence) I am so grateful Steve was driving when the power steer/brakes went out. Earlier that day I had the van full of kids and groceries going down the freeway from Costco! That would have been exciting!

See ya soon....

Katie left today on her first solo adventure (traveling without us) on a trip to California with her Grandparents. They are enroute to picking up cousins and bringing them to Washington for their summer visit with their Dad. I filled her iPod with new music, gave her some money and treats, made sure she had her toothbrush and some good reading material, and had to giver her a shorter haircut too (only because she asked for it to be shorter). She even dressed the part of visiting California by wearing her Micky Mouse sweatshirt, though she won't be going to Disneyland this trip. Cute girl!!! Have who is going to give Emily her bath?
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Happy Birthday Steve...

I am a little late in posting these wishes, but they still count don't they! We did have a birthday party, inspite of the birthday boy telling us that at his age none of that was needed! I don't listen very well so there was yummy cake and presents too!

Sunday afternoon fun at Grandma's house...

Sunday afternoon fun at Grandma's house.

There is a little park right across from Grandma Lockhart's house in Kuna with the perfect hill for rolling. The kids had a blast coming up with all kinds of variations on rolling competitions.

Emily decided to try the rolling stuff too. Too funny!

Daddy's Little Helper....

Emily loves to help out. She gets upset if anyone else lets the dog in or out. She loves to get Daddy's shoes and even tries to help put Daddy's socks on too.

Funny girls....

I am not sure why they did this...just looked fun I suppose!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Give me three dollars....

(love that wink!)

Why is it that every time Emily goes out the back door to play she turns and asks me for three dollars? She reaches her hand out to catch the "money" she wants from me. She is too young to know that she needs money every time she leaves the house!!! Ugh! She is going to be an expensive teenager I am afraid!