Friday, February 25, 2011

Now all the girls have curls...

Katie has been bugging me to cut her hair. I kept putting her off. Then she started asking about perming her hair. I should have just given her the hair cut! :) Last Monday they were out of school for President's day and we went to three stores to find a perming kit. You cannot buy them at Walmart or Shopko. I was going to go to Walgreens next when I thought of Sally's Beauty Supply. That is where we found our kit for all of $5.99! I got two kits and a bunch of rollers and we were out the door with enough perm solution for two girls! I did one perm on Monday and one perm on Tuesday. They don't have the tight poodle perm, just a nice wave giving them some nice body and they feel like they have some curl. Lucky for Emily she was born with naturally curly hair, perfect ringlets. I just get hers a little wet and she is good to go!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

24 years and counting....

Every year Steve gets me a dozen roses for our anniversary. I LOVE them! He is always very careful to choose the best bunch of roses too, making sure they haven't opened too much and none of them are wilting at all. We ate at Tucano's for lunch and then left kids with Grandma in charge and we saw a movie too.
He also got me one of these
I got him one of these
And the kids each got a bucket full of sweets, each decorated to represent the child's favorite things in life right now.

We had a great anniversary! Next year we hope to find some white, sandy beach surrounded by water and eat lots of pineapple.

Just when you get your car washed....

Emily and Katie took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and washed Emily's tricycle.

And then it snows.....

I just washed my Suburban the other day and then it snows...ugh! So much for a clean car!

Mom, I told the alien....

After waking up this morning, Emily says to me, "Mom, I told the alien he could call me on my phone up in my bedroom"

What does this girl dream about?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Questions from a 3 year old....

Question #1: After stepping on the scale she declare that she weighs 100 pounds. With her hands in the air she asks "Where did I get that from?"

Question #2: While waiting in the car in the pick-up line at the middle school Emily asks "Mom, what's a thingamajigger?"

Question #3: While working on her puzzle at the table Emily asks the kids "Why do boys love girls?"

This girl makes us laugh!