Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Locks of Love!!!

We have grown Katie's hair long and really haven't cut it except for a trim here and there over the last 8 years. She had really short hair when we brought her home from the Orphanage. Recently, she decided that she would use the curling iron on her own and did a pretty good job. She has loved putting soft curlers in her hair at night to have curly hair, and not just for Sundays.

Yesterday I had my sister cut my long hair off. When Katie came home from school she saw my shorter hair and decided today was the day for her too! We have been measuring quite frequently to see if her hair is long enough to send to Locks of Love. And yes it was long enough to donate and still have hair that would be close to her shoulders. Locks of Love makes hair pieces for children with cancer. I thought it would be a cool thing for Katie to know that she could help some other little girl who is very sick to feel pretty and not feel bad about losing her hair. I told her it seemed silly to just throw the hair away if we could wait just long enough so we could donate it we could do something really nice for someone else.

So Katie tells me to be quick so she doesn't change her mind! Her shorter hair is very cute and makes her look so grown up!

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