Friday, March 14, 2008

Blogging and Baking....

Okay, so I started making cookies for the kids after school snack. The first batch turned out beautifully! I then loaded up the baby into her stroller and away we went to meet the kids at the bus. We all came home, had some cookies and I proceeded to put another batch into the oven. I set the timer. Kids were working on their homework around the table. Grandma Murphy was there with them, someone had the baby so I thought "Aha, a moment to blog!" Upstairs I went since my laptop I had in the kitchen had died! :( Then 10 minutes went by, 20 minutes went by, and I think I smell something! "Hey Kristina, did you turn the timer off?" "Yes mom I did !" I ask myself why would I smell burnt cookies and ran downstairs. I found that yes they had turned the timer off 10 minutes ago when it went off but had only just pulled the cookies out of the oven! Needless to say they were just a little over done, I mean burnt!!!!! And this was the batch that I put nuts into for Steve. I NEVER cook with nuts! I thought chopped pecans sounded good in my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!(Pregnancy has changed me!) I was so proud of myself for putting nuts in! I was so frustrated with the kids that they would run up and just turn off the timer without telling me or looking into the oven since they knew I was making cookies for them! Well the moral of this story is not to bake and blog at the same time! (The cookies were so burnt, that Steve, who likes crunchy cookies, spit out the bite he took!!!!)

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