Friday, September 19, 2008

Another great give-away to enter....

Angie over at Leaping Thru Life, has a magazine give-away. There is quite a list to choose from. So I am going to enter, although I never win anything.....wait a minute....I did win something recently.

I went to the fair and ate my favorite fair food, listened to some of my favorite 80's music, and entered to win a new windshield for my van. I folded and wadded my entry and dropped it into the box thinking all it would get me was a sales call. Ok, whatever. Now, my van really needed a new windshield, badly too! It had a crack that went side to side, left to right, in the center of the windshield. Then it had another crack from the center top, down to the other crack that was left to right. Get the picture, very, very, cracked! Due to a recent downturn as a result of HP's layoffs, a new windshield has been on the bottom of the priorities. Well, one day I get a call from Cascade Auto Glass and I had WON! I won a new windshield for my van, no strings attached, no hidden fees, etc. They came to my driveway and installed the new windshield! Yeah, I am not always a loser! I am now a winner!

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Angie said...

Thanks for the shout out!!

Congrats on winning the windshield!! I'm impressed!