Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer's over ...School begins!

As the school bus pulls away with the last group of my kids I realize summer is over! It could be the colder mornings, the pool without kids in it all day, the quiet house, or the backpacks filled and ready to go, fall is coming and the kids are finally back to school! Our summer vacation came to a close a week later than the schools around us, due to construction. We have had a great summer. But the last week while everyone else in the area was going back to school, I was starting to lose my mind! And I think the kids had finally had enough of summer too. It has been a bit of a transition though.
Logan's 1st day of Middle School
No more running to a friends house for the day or playing out in the neighborhood. It is back to the books for these kids! Oh yeah, regular bedtime, EVERY night! Yeah! (did I say that out loud?) Every summer gets a little easier as the crew kids a little older. I can take everyone shopping with me and only 1 child in the cart. Now do I take everyone shopping with me? Only when it is unavoidable. This year we have two in Middle School and 3 in grade school. So the years of split schedules begins! In just two years they will all be on the same schedule again and all in Middle School or High School. This year we have 7th grade, 6th grade, 5th grade, and two in 4th grade. When Emily finally starts school, Katie and Carson will be in 10th grade! Potty training and Driver's training, Kindergarten and High School. So much fun ahead, really!

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