Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!

Logan just turned 11 on Monday! Time sure seems to go by faster and faster! I remember when he started walking, and he was born talking! I remember him dressing himself before he was even two years old! He is a sweet, tender-hearted boy! We love him!
Logan wanted to a have a few friends over for a small party. He wanted to play video games and so we limitedthe number of friends to the number of controllers for the game system. We had his family party the week before when the Murphy grandparents were passing through town.

I don't usually do friend b-day parties. I have limited it to when you turn 12 and we'll go from there maybe to 16. After Logan's birthday the 1st of September, I have 4 birthdays now, all a week apart starting in October and ending on or near Thanksgiving on 11/24. Since we are not independently wealthy and Christmas follows so soon after the last birthday in November, we limit the party to family only.

Logan doesn't like most baked sweets. So the birthday cake is not really for him, it is for the rest of us! At Sam's Club I found the coolest cake, it was two huge cookies with frosting in the middle, a cookie cake. It was huge too, what you see above is 1/2 of the cookie! The chocolate chip cookies were really good too.

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