Thursday, September 4, 2008


Logan ran in his first cross-country meet today. Logan decided he wanted to try Cross-Country this year since this is the first year, as a 6th grader, he can be on the team.

He has wanted to quit, but we have tried to encourage him to stick it out, it will get easier. It was around 80 today when they were running at 4pm. They had to run 1.5 miles and Logan's time was 13:49. Not bad for a first race! We were all excited for him!

I wore sunglasses so no one would see my ball-baby face! Although Katie seemed to catch on that I had tears, but wisely she said nothing! We were so proud of him! I could see him run a little taller when he saw us on the side-lines.

Way to go Logan! Keep on running!


Angie said...

Hey, I didn't know Logan and Averee were the same age!! And...Ave is on the CC team too! I didn't go yesterday because I had no idea if parents watched. Now I know!! Ave came it at #24 and I was proud of her!

Way to go Logan!

Angie said...

It would be great if you would put a link to your recipe blog!!