Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve! Tradition....

Sunday was Steve's birthday! The kids get so excited about everyone's birthdays. One of the traditions we started a few years ago after I saw my Sister-In-Law do it, was a Birthday Bucket. The BB is filled with little treats, toys, and the favorite cereal which doesn't have to be shared but always is. This is awaiting the birthday person at the breakfast table on the morning of their birthday. We do this for young and not so young too. It makes waiting for the party all the easier for the younger crowd! Another tradition is to make their favorite cake, decorated by request. Steve's favorite is German Chocolate with double the frosting! The only problem was getting warm pecan/coconut frosting to stick to the sides of the cake. Oh well, it was yummy. You also get to choose your favorite dinner. Steve requested French Dip! (Done in the crockpot all day, yum!)
Another tradition we started our first Christmas when we were engaged. We were so excited about our gifts we had for each other that we just couldn't wait until Christmas to open them. When everyone was gone from our parent's home we opened each other's gifts and then re-wrapped them. Never told a soul. It was so much fun! Well, this tradition has carried on over many, many, years now. Not only Christmas but birthdays too. We only do this with each other, not the children. Although we get so excited about what we have gotten them it is hard sometimes to wait to show them too. The tides of change have come and we are starting to mature a little maybe? But I was able to keep Steve's b-day present a secret for the whole week before I purchased it. I didn't want to buy it too soon as I knew how hard it would be to keep the secret. The kids even found out what I had gotten him and I swore them to secrecy! Not even the slightest hint or tease to Daddy! It was so much fun! He really tried to get it out of me and it didn't work. He was so surprised when he did open his gift. It was only one gift, but it was big enough. He could hardly believe we got him an 80 gb iPod Classic. He bought an iPod for me a couple of years ago and has only bought himself the cheapest mp3 players he has found on or where ever. He loves to listen to Conference on the way to work to ease his commute down Chinden each day. Now he can have many years of conference, music, video, photos, you name it! We love you Steve!


LDS Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Steve from the Andersens!

How many candles were on that cake?!

Merrells said...

That is too funny about your presents. Oh, and hooray for the birthday bucket! Happy birthday Steve!