Friday, June 6, 2008

The adventures begin...

The kids started building a fort in the backyard the other day. It is amazing what they found to put together and how cool they thought it was. Well the next day was a very rainy day. So the forts came inside.

This is the first fort, in the family room. It was Kristina's fort where she took some time to look through the school yearbook.

Then others decided that the fort thing was cool and the family room just wasn't going to work for everyone. So they began to build in the piano room and dining room.

They even had separate rooms in their forts. And a little entrepreneurial spirit kicked in too.

I had to remind myself as I looked at their creations(in my mind just a big mess to be cleaned up) that they were being creative, having fun together and not whining to me about being bored or tattling! So it is all good!

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