Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dairy Days Parade 2008

Every June we find our piece of lawn outside of the
Post Office and we settle in to watch the Dairy Days Parade. The kids like to stay close to the road ready to catch the candy, chocolate milk, and cheese sticks! This year the streets were very crowded. There were at least double the people, if not more, than there has been in the past years. The sun was hidden behind clouds which was nice too. It was warm, but we didn't have to squint to see or shade our eyes either.
Another fun thing about this parade is the free t-shirts! Every year a local company throws shirts to the crowd. We usually end up with 2 or three shirts. Well, this year each of the 6 kids got a shirt, the friends we were with got shirts for everyone they brought, and another family with us got shirts as well. The kids all got their shirts as the company was handing them out. Everyone else got a shirt because of the Shirt Lady! Our friend Carol ran down the street after the shirt van and got shirts for everyone! She is now and forever "The Shirt Lady!"Emily enjoyed the parade too! She happily sat on Carol's lap the entire time, watching the kids run back and forth with their treats. The loud noises from the firetrucks and large vehicles didn't scare her either! She was just happy to be with the crowd!

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