Monday, June 30, 2008

A blast from the past ... The Grand Canyon 2006

For spring break in 2006 we made an 18+ hour drive to the Grand Canyon. We had planned places to stay along the way, even made reservations. However, Steve loves to just get there and so we drove straight through after getting up at 4 or 5 am. I had activity packets, kids atlases, food, movies, etc. We were ready for the ride!
As you can see from this photo, when we got there the Grand Canyon was covered in fog! We saw all kinds of weather including; fog, rain, hail, snow, and yes a little sunshine too. As we drove from point to point along the rim of the Canyon it would be foggy or any other weather from the above list. We would faithfully get out of the car and walk to the view points hoping we would see something. As we got the view point the clouds would part and the sun would shine down if only for a few minutes. The rain would stop too. As we were done at each view point and walk back to the car the weather would continue in it's blustery fashion. It was really amazing!

This is inside of the Watchtower along the Canyon rim. The next photo of Jon holding his hand out is a fun photo trick that Steve enjoys doing. Click on that photo and it looks like Jon is holding this building in his hand.

The kids each worked on their Junior Ranger badges while we were there. I think only Jonny and Logan we able to get it all done. We love to have the kids do the Junior Ranger program at any National Park that we go to. It makes the visit interactive and they learn something too! Not to mention the cool badge they get when they are done. There are some on-line programs to complete too.

On our way back home we stopped through Las Vegas to pick-up Steve's sister Diana. We stopped and went through the M&M World store. That was so fun! The kids got to pick a souvenir and then their own color of M&Ms too! Once we made it up to Salt Lake we took the tour of the Conference Center. The artwork is amazing. They have the entire collection of Book of Mormon art by Arnold Friberg. It was amazing to see the originals. I think I will add a slide show from our trip. There are so many cool photos, I can't include them all here individually.

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Merrells said...

Look how little your kids look! Time goes by quick.