Saturday, April 10, 2010

Logan's Research Project Presentation....

Logan is currently attending Idaho Virtual Academy. During middle school, students have to participate in the annual Project Fair presenting either a science project or a passion project. Logan had to do the passion project this year in conjuction with writing a research paper on a topic of his choosing. It was quite a busy ballroom at a local Marriot hotel with around 150 students presenting their projects. It was a great experience for Logan and I am glad he perservered! It was a great learning experience not just for the writing and presenting of his work but to have the satfisfaction of completing a big task and gaining the knowledge that he CAN do it.
Set-up and waiting to give his presentation to the judges.
His topic, self-chosen, was Juvenile Crime and Law. He looks like a little laywer don't you think?
Logan had many people stop and ask questions while he waited for teachers to come for his presentation.
Logan gave a six minute presentation and did quite well. He was able to expand on his presentation with the information he had read during his research. Logan hopes to go to the Renaissance High School in Meridian which has a Law program to prepare you for College and Law School while still in high school. His grade was a 49 out of 50, an A. He proscrastinated his research for this project until the very end and wanted to forget about doing the presentation all together. He took home a blue ribbon and was happy that he had finished the project!

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