Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunny Rail....

We started our Easter celebrations a week early and boarded the Thunder Mountain Railroad for the Easter Bunny Rail. It is about a 3 hour round-trip ride from Horseshoe Bend to Banks, ID. They have dining cars with gifts and food as well as passenger cars, and the outdoor cars. The cars for this train came from as far as New York and New Orleans. They had blankets you could cover up with while sitting outside.

The kids had a blast moving all over the train. We started in the car that had tables and everyone colored/decorated their bags for the Easter egg hunt. We dined on hot dogs and water, mmmm.....! After a time in the outside cars, some of us moved to the inside cars where you could enjoy the sun coming through the window while watching the beautiful scenery go by without the wind in your face!

The kids had fun taking photos during the trip. We had three cameras going most of the time and one Flip camera taking video too. When we arrived at Banks everyone got off of the train for a little Easter egg hunt for the 11yr and under crowd, which only includes two of my kids now. There wasn't much else to do during out little stop in Banks.

The Easter bunny was walking around the train during the trip handing out candy. Emily really didn't want much to do with the Easter bunny but she would take the candy just fine.
We had a great time!

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LDS Mom said...

Can it really be possible that you only have 2 children under the age of 11?!