Sunday, April 18, 2010

"And I went wee....."

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We have just returned home from 3 hour visit to the ER with Emily. She fell earlier today off of a big toy play structure and broke her arm in two places. There is an incomplete fracture in her forearm and another just above her elbow. They placed in her in a half-cast type splint and wrapped it with an ace bandage and then put her arm in a sling. We will see an Orthopedic doctor on Monday for further review.

In retelling her story to her brother Emily says, "I fell off the toy and I went wee...." This is kind of funny since she cried after falling. I kept a watch on her arm for the next few hours and the swelling didn't go away, she wouldn't let me touch it and and she wouldn't move it. After a consultation with our family Nurse, Aunt Mary, off to the ER we went. We are so glad we did too!

She was such a trooper during our visit to the ER. We brought along my laptop/netbook and the kids watched Elmo and Caillou during long wait on the doctor to review the xrays. Emily wasn't too happy in xray when they straightened her arm and she wasn't too fond of the Doctor either. She really perked up after her arm was splinted and supported.

This is the first broken bone we have had with any of the six kids...amazing! (now I just jinxed myself didn't I?)

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Merrells said...

I can't tell you how many broken bones we had come into work yesterday! We always expect a lot of breaks and cuts on the first sunny days of the year. Sounds like you guys can too. Hope she heals uneventfully!