Monday, October 20, 2008

Who me?

Emily is having just a little too much fun with the baby wipes! Her look is just priceless.
We couldn't help laughing, which in turn made her pull out more wipes.


Angie said...

Oh how I remember the good ol days! Look how cute she is. It's just too hard to get mad at them!

P.S. Great job Sunday! YOu have a beautiful family.

Mother Goose said...

i remember those days! FUNN

LDS Mom said...

A beautiful blogging moment!

Years ago if one of my children would have done this I would have been frustrated. Now my first thought when something crazy happens is . . . I need to put that on my blog! And I smile and I laugh instead.

I think blogging has made me a softer mom.

Those truly are fun pictures of Emily! Thanks for letting me smile and giggle at your kids too.