Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've been tagged....

Angie tagged me a few days ago and so here I go: 7 Random Facts about myself

1. When I as a kid I wanted to have feet as big as my Aunt's feet. Now I don't know why I did but I thought it would be cool. Now I would like my feet to be small and petite, size 6 would be fine. Every shoe looks cute in a size 6, but not in 8.5 Wide!

2. I fix my own sprinklers. I enjoy making my sprinkler system work and fixing things that don't work. I work on my sprinklers and my sisters too. I am the one to turn on her complicated system each year as well as ours. I just need to learn how and get the equipment for blowing out our systems each year.

3. I started making bread when I was in Jr. High. I still have the cookbook that has my favorite recipes. I have finally after all these many years make what I would finally call the perfect loaf of bread.

4. I love the smell of school. Wierd huh? I love the smell in the drawer that I keep the pencils and other school supplies in for the kids. I love the smell when I walk into the school. I loved school and have enjoyed working at my children's schools. But I am glad to be home with our sweet, sweet, baby!

5. I love sunrises and sunsets. There is something calming about a beautiful sunset or sunrise. I like to think it is Heavenly Father's hug for me at the start or end of a day. It is a reminder to me that He created this beautiful earth for US to ENJOY. I will often stop and will comment to anyone around me about the sunset. I would stop people and point out the beautiful sunset while I was walking across campus at Ricks College too. Now my children notice the beautiful sunsets and tell me about them. My sister will call me to tell me to go and look at the beautiful sunset.

6. I love to fill out forms! I don't know what more to say about this one, it is random and wierd, I know.

7. I don't lose things and when I do I can't deal with it. I had a pair of socks from Jr. High up until I was 35. I loved those socks when I got them and I finally got rid of them when you could see through the bottom of them like a window. I still remember a purse that I lost at a Stake Center when I was about 8 years old. It was a cute little black, patent leather purse. To this day I am frustrated that I lost it.

I tag: Tami, Melissa, Chrissy, Penny, Sara


Angie said...

That was great! I learned so much more about you! Thanks for playing along. I know who to call when I'm out getting squirted and soaking wet trying to adjust my sprinklers!

Merrells said...

I am willing to bet those socks were pretty thin by the time they took their leave. Funny, funny...

LDS Mom said...

Love the new background of your blog!

You have some fun, crazy, random facts about yourself!

I'll be thinking of mine to post soon.

Thanks for the onions! I was trying to figure out how to get out there and get some after your phone call. We will enjoy them!