Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Emily

We are all grateful for this little ray of sunshine we call Emily! Her birthday(10/23/07) has come much too quickly! This last year has flown by. I am so glad we have had the blessing of another child in our home. No one would have ever convinced me when I got married almost 22 years ago that I would adopt 5 children, going half-way around the world to do so and then give birth after I turned 40! It has been an incredible journey, a daily thrill ride of adventure. While we were getting ready for the party Emily was in her seat at the table. She decided she had had enough of that seat and she wanted the book in the middle of the table. So she climbed out of her seat and got that book! The adventure of this infant/toddler is going to be fun!
Emily's First Birthday cakes.
I bought her the little one to eat and destroy and
I made the second one for everyone else to enjoy!
Emily's birthday celebration really began the week before her birthday with a visit from Steve's parents. It was a beautiful day, the kids were out of school for Fall break and so we had lunch in the park and opened a few presents. Emily has really enjoyed the musical book, phone, and piano. Emily really enjoys music. She will start her wiggle-dance whenever she hears any kind of music. She had a musical toy in her hand, her piano at her feet, and she would lean over and push one of the song buttons on that piano and put her foot onto the keyboard so she had 3 kinds of music playing at once. She did this over and over! She will come and sit under the piano when I practice too. Maybe #6 will actually play the piano!Emily was a little tentative with the cake. She just looked at it. We even stuck her hand into it.
Then Grandma gave her a bite and that was it all it took!This is all that was left when we finally took it away so she could open presents.
I don't think cake will be safe around Emily any more.


Angie said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!! She is so darling!! I love hearing about how your family came together!

2busy said...

She is so pickin cute! Milestones! Before you know it she will be turning 16. Don't blink...

LDS Mom said...

Has it really been a year already?!

Love the picture with cake and frosting all over her face.

Merrells said...

Oh my word, I can't believe she is one! What an adorable baby. And what a gorgeous cake too! Happy birthday Emily!