Friday, October 10, 2008

Way to go Logan!

Thursday was Logan's last Cross Country meet. We drove to Mountain Home for the League Meet. I am not sure how many kids there were but the line-up was 4 or 5 rows deep of runners. We are proud of Logan for sticking it out the entire season and running his heart out at each meet. I am sure Logan didn't know what he was really getting himself into when he joined the team, but he stuck it out and did great! It was fun to watch him stand up a little taller as we cheered for him when he went by. I was always fighting back tears I was so proud of him!

It was so very cold in Mountain Home yesterday. Steve did not bring a jacket. Luckily we had a blanket in the car to wrap around the baby. She didn't seem to mind the cold too much. She did mind when I tried to wrap her up too much!

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