Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Socks....I wish they were disposable!!!!

When doing laundry it seems there are always the lone sock(s)! I would think that when one sock goes into the laundry the mate should be with it!!!
As I walk around my house, garage, yard, or clean out the car I find socks! Often times only one sock! Who goes around with just one sock on? When I am doing laundry and I come across the lone sock, I put it into the sock basket hoping it will be reunited with its mate within a load or two.
The kids don't seem to care about matching their own socks. They just dig to find a close approximation. Some don't even care how close the approximation, just that they have one for each foot! One girl sock and one of Dad's socks and you are ready to go!
My socks go into the wash together and magically they come out of the wash together!

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