Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mom, look! Kids do silly things!

Kids! You never really know what they are thinking when they do the things they do! Carson comes to me in tears of pain with this wiffle ball on his finger. It is all the way down his pinky finger and stuck really good! He had tried soap to help remove it before he came to me. I tried just moving it to see if we could just wiggle it off with no luck. I told him he had to wait for his Dad to help him. I knew it would be a process to get off and Steve is good at those kinds of processes! While waiting for his Dad to get home, Carson wrapped his hand and ball in toilet paper. I am not sure why, but it kept him happy until his Dad got home.
The family gathered around the kitchen counter as Steve took a miniature hacksaw and starts to work on the removal. The slide show shows the process it took to get that ball off of his hand! It is really kind of funny the silly things kids do! Carson didn't think it was funny at the time as the hacksaw got closer and closer to his finger. Of course, I saw this as a blog/photo op!

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Angie said...

What a cute blog!! If only those wiffle balls held up that strong for baseball practice!! Big Juds is awesome! The address is: 1289 Protest Rd. Boise 83706! Go try it!