Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Which one is your favorite, Mom?

My kids know that I don't have one favorite color. So when they helped my sister decorate my birthday cake they had to decorate it with a rainbow of frosting colors! I absolutely loved it too! It is cool that my kids remember that about me! It was a great birthday present from them that they remember that about me. All 6 kids made me a card too! (Emily had a little help, but it is still from her!)

As we were driving home from my sister's house Logan asks me which gift was my favorite. Like my favorite color, all of the gifts were my favorite. I told him that if I put them all in a bag and could only choose one, any one of them would be awesome by itself. Then I told him that just like the colors or the gifts that each of my kids are my favorite too. I couldn't just pick one to be my favorite as each of them is my favorite! "But what if you could ONLY choose ONE kid?" asks Logan. He says "I bet it would be easy to choose your favorite if you only had one!"

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LDS Mom said...

A day late . . .

Happy Birthday Jeni!

I have really enjoyed your blog. It feels like we still get the chance to visit and share part of our lives with each other even though we are so crazy, busy with children at this point.


PS Todd says to tell you Happy Birthday too!