Thursday, April 17, 2008

Exercising Our Faith

Yesterday the girls had Activity Days. They are both in different groups that meet at different places that start 1/2 hour apart. I have coordinated with another mom some of the driving however it is still a little crazy! We go from the bus to drop of Kristina and another girl from the ward at the home of Katie's activity leader. Then go home for a minute and take Katie to the church. And within 1/2 hour of that I go to pick-up Kristina at her activity day location and take a car-full of girls back to the church to meet up with their mother's and pick-up Katie. These are happy days that I will miss when they are all grown!

So amid this craziness I told Katie that she needed to wear exercising clothes. "Why? what are we doing?" asks Katie. I told her they were exercising. So she says to herself "I wonder what exercising we are doing, I bet we are just exercising our faith!!" I just had to laugh!

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Merrells said...

That is so sweet. Talk about from the mouth of babes...