Friday, April 4, 2008

Family Fun on Spring Break

I took over 300 photos during our trip to the coast.
There are plenty in that collection that are not worth looking at or just need to be deleted. I love digital photography because it just doesn't matter how many bad photos you take, it's free! However, it does pose a problem when blogging or digital scrapbooking! How do you choose just the few when there are so many that are fun!
(Steve took this cool shot!)

So here are a few more of the most fun shots from our trip.
Emily made her first trek to the beach. I had her all bundled in her snowsuit and the hat that I made for her on our way to the coast.

The kids would go down to the beach with Grandpa and Grandma and come back with their treasures!

Logan loves to pose for a shot!

Carson was warming his feet by the fire when Steve saw this great photo op!

Katie & Grandma flying in the wind!

This big tree had been blown down recently.

The kids love MREs. A stay at a military post would not be complete without them.

Sunday we found the Seaside Oregon ward and went to meetings. It was amazing to go to this small ward and we saw eople that we knew. The kids came out of class having made new friends too. I love going to a new ward and seeing that the gospel is the same wherever you go! I am also glad for my children to see this too.

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hello darling...oh my god! u r the cutest lil angel ive ever seen.