Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tattling....a cure?

At our house no one is incharge of themselves. So it seems! Everyone is ready to correct or tattle on one another. I often remind the one in front of me tattling that they are incharge of themselves! The other day I was reading blogs and came across one Parenting like Super Nanny. There was a post on tattling, so I clicked it , read, and couldn't wait for a child to tattle to give it a try!

The suggestion was when a child comes tattling, respond with an assignment. Give the child an assignment to count how many times they hear someone say thank you, please, or whatever. They are supposed to report at the end of the day. Well, this child came tattling about some sibling's inconsequential behavior and I gave her an assignment to count the thank you's she heard during the day.

There was an immediate change in this child's face, she was puzzled!! And guess what it diffused the tattling on the spot and re-directed her behavior in a postive manner. With so many kids so close together there seems to be a lot of tattling! Hopefully this little tip will work with everyone.

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