Saturday, February 23, 2008


It is Saturday and amazing to watch the changes in our home. The girls have decided it is time they learn to curl their own hair! I have been informed that they can do their own hair while I get the baby ready on Sunday morning. Ok, sounds good. In time they will quit burning themselves I am sure.

Next, it is the girls with the phone! Oh my goodness aren't we too young for this? Running every time the phone rings, "I'll get it Mom!", can I call so and so? Can I go to...., can so and so come over?

And now Emily is reaching for everything, including the food or drink in our hands. She is determined to get it, whatever it is, in her mouth. So I let her go to work on a cracker and she loved it! Here comes the messy stage! Every stage has been so much fun with Emily. Being number 6 I wouldn't think it would be so much fun! But, this time I only have one little one doing this stuff, not four little toddlers all less than a year apart from each other. Next it is the teenage years with the first group! This should be fun, hormones, friends, driving. I think I want us to stay right here in the grade school years. (at least for now) Although Jonny is quick to remind us that he is 13, not a kid anymore! Proudly a teenager!

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