Friday, February 8, 2008

A Crazy Shopping Day!

To add excitement to our no school, snow day I and the 6 kids went to Walmart for a 2 hour shopping trip. It started off with everyone having some money. The amounts the children had to spend ranged from 69 cents to $21. I decided to let everyone do their shopping first. Hopefully that would make my part easier. They would have their treasure to oogle over while I did the not so fun food shopping.

All is well, for the most part. Everyone has made their selections and I am off to do the family shopping. All the while Emily is asleep, and adorable doing so I might add. Of course she is always adorable, even at 3am feedings! But I digress.

We get to checkout and each child goes through paying for their own things with their own money (mostly, mom picks up the tax or 10 cent shortfalls) and I have two carts worth of groceries and misc stuffed into one cart with a baby in her car seat on top. I send a child for a second cart and then the baby wakes up, hungry!

We get both carts and everyone out to the car and I start to load bags into the van and I see two hats sitting on top of the baby's car seat! I didn't pay for them. I was at the other end of the shopping cart, unloading groceries and then re-loading grocery bags and missed putting the hats on the table to pay for them. Meanwhile the baby is crying, very hungry after a very long nap in her carseat and I have to go back into the store to pay for the hats.

Well Jonny made my day! I was tired from shopping with all 6 kids in tow and he says to me "Mom, you go pay for the hats and I will get all the groceries into the car." I just about fell over as this is the same son who complains if he is asked to do anything that doesn't involve Legos or an video game! What a good kid! It warms my heart!

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