Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is on your head?

Jonny had to be at the church at 6am last Saturday. Steve set his alarm for the wrong time and we got up late. Steve ran downstairs to see if we could still get Jonny over to the church. We did not find Jonny but we found this note on my computer. I later told Jonny that was the best note I could ever receive and I LOVED it! I was proud of him getting himself up and off to an early morning activity!
When Jonny showed up I expected him to be really crabby from getting up so early and hiking in the heat. He came bounding through the front door with a diaper on his head! It was a little confusing at first. He and his buddy had found them in the back of the leader's car he rode home in. Why they put them on their heads is beyond me....teenage boys!!!


LDS Mom said...

Love the note! Don't you just love it when they show great responsibility?

goodbyes said...

AHHHH, to GET a note! It would be a step up around HERE sometimes!