Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh, Logan!

We make one trek to Roaring Springs each Summer. The kids participate in the reading program to earn a free pass to Roaring Springs. If the child doesn't read, they don't go. Pretty simple...

The reading for the passes is in addition to what their teacher requires. Last year Logan did all of his reading for the free pass but did NOT complete the class room required reading. So last year Logan did NOT get to go. It was a bummer for him, but it was a natural consequence.

This year Logan did get all reading done for both his teacher and the free pass. However, he forgot to put on sunblock!!!! We stayed at the park the entire day, opening to closing! As you can see from the photo, he got severely burned. He could not wear a shirt for a week. He was miserable. He had one huge blister, the one you see in the photo, and some smaller ones too. That big one got bigger than what you see too.

I think this summer will stick in his memory for quite a while. I wonder if he will read for a pass next year?


goodbyes said...

OUCH!!! Was Logan the first incidence into the quick care?
My daughter, Heather went water skiing and not only got a bad sunburn but a cracked rib or torn cartiledge as well. Summer CAN be a bummer once in a while. :)

Merrells said...

YOUCH! Poor kid. Certainly will stick with him, that's for sure!