Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sisters that care are sisters that share....?

It is common practice at our house when pants get holes in the knees that I turn those pants into shorts.

So, Katie brings me a pair of pants and asks that I turn them into shorts since both knees had holes in them. I told Katie to put them by the sewing machine and I do it.

The next day Kristina walks by my pile at my sewing machine and sees these very same pants and asks why they were in my mending pile?

It turns out that Katie was asking me to turn her Kristina's pants into shorts!!!!! She didn't have enough of her own! Little did Kristina know that her sister was sharing for her!

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Walkers said...

Oh! lol how cute! I always prayed for sisters when I was little and then when I got them I was always cursing all the little sister things they would do! This one is classic. We miss you guys!