Monday, March 16, 2009

Carson's Last Blue & Gold

Carson finally finished his last couple of requirements for his Arrow of Light and his Webelos badge back in February. So we had to go to the Blue & Gold banquet for him to be properly sent onto 11 yr. old Scouts which he has been attending as well as Cub Scouts since January. I made cakes for Carson and Steve to decorate for the Feller Cake Bake but Carson decided he didn't want to decorate one after all, and he didn't have to. The leaders included him in the cake awards and Carson was so surprised. The surprise on Carson's face was better than any other award he could have received. Since he didn't bring a cake he knew he wasn't going to get an award and he was fine with that! His award, "The Invisible Cake".


2busy said...

It's just beginning! (but you know that)

Walkers said...

Your new blog background and little title are so adorable! Love! And miss you :)

Angie said...

That is wonderful!