Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Jammies

Each Christmas Eve the children get to open one present, their Christmas Jammies. Emily got some too, but she was already in bed when we opened the jammies, she had been sick with ear infections. This is another fun tradition. A few years ago, about 6 yrs, I made everyone bathrobes. I think I will need to do that for this next year. Their bathrobes now look like wrap around shirts they are so short! Their jammies, with the excluseion of Jonny's, each cost $4 from Walmart. They had this big display of $4 jammies one day, so I grabbed them, $35 for jammies for 6 kids, not bad! The only downside, the boy's needed the bigger size that was all gone. Logan has a grimace on his face as he is sure his jammies are WAY to small and therefore he can't wear them.

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2busy said...

Christmas jammies are our Christmas Eve tradition, too. Even my 16 year old asks if he can open his jammies early. I'm not as good a bargain hunter as you, though. Four bucks is awesome.