Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Children's Christmas Tree

We have two trees at our house each Christmas. One for the children and one for me, more formally decorated. Jonny's first Christmas he was given and ornament from our friends/Grandparents, The Manns. The next year or two they continued to do so. So I decided to do the same and continue that tradition for each of my children. So now each year the children get a new ornament to put onto their tree. As you can see their tree is filling up. You can't see the ornaments on the sides and towards the back of the tree. The children also have ornaments that they have made at school and ones they receive from Primary each year, as well as any that we have made as a craft project. There are about 65 ornaments altogether that they put onto the tree. The children have so much fun decorating their tree. They love pulling out their ornaments and reminiscing each year.
I am afraid, with 6 kids adding 6 ornaments a year, I am going to need a larger tree before they all move out and take their ornaments with them. I might just have to trade my 9ft tree with their 7ft tree before too many more Christmases. This is a fun tradition!!!!

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