Friday, January 9, 2009

Almost all put away......

I have finally got everything from Christmas packed back into their boxes and put away. This only took a week to get it all back out to the garage. As I was un-decorating, the children all complained and said how they wished we didn't have to take down the lights. They also didn't want me to take down our new nativity set. They thought that we should leave this up all year. I had thought about doing that too, but put it away anyhow. We had excitement each night at our house as we awaited the arrival of a new surprise each night for the 12 days before Christmas. Our Secret Santa brought so much joy to our home. Each night a new treat of some kind would appear at our door and one piece of this nativity set was also included. Their gifts were fun and generous! I would place each piece on the shelf in the hallway. The children would take turns opening the gift each night. We even left a treat out for them one night. That was fun! I will always cherish this nativity set. It represents what Christmas really means and the example of Christ-like love that we need to remember each day. We don't know who our Secret Santa is and I am a little sad since I cannot express my love and appreciation for their generosity and kindness to us. It means so much to me and my family!
While putting away the rest of the decorations I pulled the little box out and replaced this special nativity back in the hall where it was during Christmas. A little later Logan came and gave me a kiss and said "Thanks for putting the nativity back!"

I too was a little sad to take the trees down and put away the lights. The light of hope that we received from so many this Christmas season will light my heart all year long! We are grateful to all who made our Christmas so merry!

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