Monday, July 21, 2008

Crazy faces, crazy feet

These kids just crack me up! I was just standing in the kitchen and Katie comes up and starts making faces at me! And conveniently my camera was very close by and so I decided two could play this game and I would blog her crazy faces! Then Carson comes in this afternoon and tells me when he gets hot his hair just puffs out, all by itself of course! And again out comes the camera and then the crazy faces fly! Never a dull moment!Now for the crazy feet! This is my Logan. He will purposely dress with his shirts inside out and backwards. He is totally comfortable going anywhere dressed like that! It must be more comfortable, I just don't know. I won't let him go to school like that, anywhere else I don't sweat it!

So it was time to run some errands and I tell everyone "get your shoes on, let's go!" Logan, of course has shoes strewn from the yard, to the car, the laundry room(where his cubbie is and where the shoes are supposed to be), to his room, you get the idea, they are everywhere. He couldn't find two matching shoes but he was able to find a shoe for each foot! We ran our errands that day and Logan went around with his shoes matched as you see them in this photo! Crazy kid!

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