Sunday, July 13, 2008

Backyard Fun!

We put up a new trampoline on Wednesday.

Thursday we started putting a new pool up only to find after we started filling it that we needed to level the yard or the 6500 gallon pool would be soaking our yard and the neighbor's too.
So Friday we started draining the pool. Saturday Steve picked up two yards of sand and the kids helped to shovel it off of the truck onto the driveway. Then the kids loaded the wheel barrow and brought sand over to the pool area. After we got the pool set-up again and started filling it, the kids took the last yard of sand and wheeled it over to the empty sandbox. We had enough sand to fill it to the brim! We had no idea that the sandbox would be such a big hit with ALL of the kids. Emily was taken in and promptly started to eat the sand. Jonny, who is 13.5 (who reminds us frequently that he is not a kid anymore, a teenager!!!!!) was out in the sandbox too with his Legos!
All the time while we are working Kristina would say "This is the best summer ever!" I am so proud of all of my kids! They all worked so hard out in the hot sun to get this stuff done. It was the kids' idea to start hauling the sand to the sandbox! It helped that I was passing out popsicles on a regular basis to add to the fun and keep them hydrated too!

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Angie said...

oh boy, that looks like fun!! how exciting for the kids to have all those fun things to keep them entertained! Enjoy!