Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween....

I have been so bah-humbug this Halloween! We have pumpkins, but didn't carve them. Didn't buy any costumes, I told the kids to make it work from the dress up bucket. I usually make dinner in a pumkin, instead we went to Grandmas for lunch. I tried to bribe the kids with a bag of candy of their choice if we could just stay home and watch a movie! The bribe didn't work!

I had to wake Emily up and put this costume on over her head while she was still incoherent or there would have been no way to convince her to wear a costume. The rest of the kids made up their own costumes and were ready to head off to the neighborhood/ward trunk or treat.
(nice blurry shots huh?)
Katie vampire... ready to scare the neighborhood out of their candy!

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2busy said...

They did a good job coming up with their costumes. I'm always a bah hum bug about Halloween. I sat in my room and watched multiple episodes of Ghost Hunters and let the big guy answer the door. NICE!