Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Emily's 2nd Birthday!

Wow! Time sure flies by....

I love to make and decorate cakes but I was just out of time and energy so we picked one up at Sam's Club. The bakery lady gave us the Elmo pieces so I could decorate the top to my liking. Emily called it her Elmo cake everytime she saw it.."Elmo cake"

Emily got her first birthday bucket this year and had so much fun with the gold fish crackers and her flashing magic wand. She would try to unwrap her presents and if it was too hard she would ask me for help, "Help momma" Everytime she would get a new present she would say "more birthday!"


2busy said...

You will be so glad that you have recorded these special little moments and things she says...I can't believe my baby is soon to be twelve. Time to get pregnant! (JK)

Walkers said...

How cute! I loved seeing everyone, especially little Emily, on your way through town. I cannot believe how big she is! I wish we could have been there for her birthday and then Lance could have done his elmo voice along with the cake! That was so funny..