Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a second...

Poor Elmo is getting potty trained! Emily is fascinated with the opportunity to go potty. I thought I would bring the potty seat in and just see what she would do. She will be two next month so I am not pushing this, just seeing how interested she is. MOST all of the time when she wants to go "potty" she is just sitting there talking up a storm. She has once or twice managed to tinkle a little. Just the other day she really did go potty! She was beaming with pride! High fives were given...way to cute! But after that it has just been an exercise in what will become a habit very soon! (I hope...anyway)
Yesterday, after removing her diaper herself, she marched in to go potty! She got up and said "look" showing me the potty as she stood up. The potty seat was empty. I told her "it's empty Emily, you need to go potty." To which she replied to me with her index finger extended and her arm raised to her side, "Just a second" and then she really went potty!

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2busy said...

How sanitary is that Elmo, now? Oh, the joys of potty training.