Monday, April 27, 2009

Miss Independant!

Emily is now 18 months old and her new name is "Miss Independant!"  She wants to do everything by herself now!  Sometimes she gets so frustrated trying to do something herself that she is red in the face mad.   Yesterday was her first day in Nursery at church.  She has been a visitor to the Nursery with us two times recently when we substituted.   She did fine with us in there with her.  Yesterday she saw the toys when the nursery door was opened up and she headed off to the toys without even looking back to see if Steve was following her.  The leaders said she did just fine!  I can't believe 18 months has flown by so quickly.  I have enjoyed having her with me in my meetings.  I just enjoy having her with me anyway!  

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2busy said...

Enjoy yourself in RS! Although those arms might start to feel empty.