Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I received a coupon in the mail for a free animal up to $12 or that much off of a more expensive animal. Steve and I took Emily to the mall, our only visit for the year, to choose her animal. I had showed her all the choices on the website before we went to get an idea of what she would like. She chose the Kipper look-alike dog which was great, it was $12. When we got to the store we walked her by all of the animals and said she could choose anyone of them. After seeing all of her choices she went back to the beginning of the line and chose the same Kipper dog that had seen on the website!

You can put a sound box into your animal. They range in price from $4 to $8. I said no to the sound box. Steve however said yes to the one on clearance for $1.50. Great! It's the Jonas Brothers.....Emily's favorite! (Not! She doesn't know who they are) But she has music in her dog and she will dance to it or have her dog dance to it. It really is cute! It is worth the $1.50 to watch her dance with her dog!

It is fun to watch her face as she goes through the process of picking her animal and stuffing it, washing it, and giving it a name on the computer. The most fun however is watching her carry her box. She is determined to do it herself and she carries it all the way to the car.

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2busy said...

I love the place! I think moms should be allowed to build one, too.