Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Last Splash of Summer....

Taking advantage of a warm Saturday afternoon we gathered our swimwear, smores sticks, and hotdog buns and headed to Kuna to Grandma Lockhart's house. She lives across the street from Indian Creek. The little park in her neighborhood that borders this creek has a great little swimming area that runs off to the side of this very swift flowing creek. During the summer months there are many floaters on tubes going down this creek. This is really an irrigation creek running through this natural creek bed, no cement here. When they turn off the irrigation water around the valley this creek dries up. You can walk where once it was knee or waist deep or deeper. There is a railroad tressel that crosses the creek very close to the swimming area too. Emily loving trains was enthralled as a train went by while she was on the floating mattress. It was very loud!

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