Thursday, July 22, 2010

Elder Moxley....

While we were in Utah we got to deliver a package to Elder Moxley at the MTC. We had to be quick with our visit so we wouldn't be such a spectacle to the other missionaries in training. Elder Moxley has a little more freedome as he is working in the Referral Center, teaching the gospel to online investigators. He has been very successful with his first baptism being here in Boise where his family could attend the baptismal service. He has been trained to speak Slovene and spent about the first half of his mission in Slovenia. Due to the colapse of both of the arches in his feet, leaving him unable to continue a walking mission, he was sent back to the MTC to recover. He was offered to go home and recover and return to his mission. Elder Moxley refused to go home! He told his leaders he signed up for two years and he was going to stay and serve two years! He has been very successful online and he sets a good example to his younger brothers at home and to my boys too! We pray for his recovery daily!
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